Lady Palm

Lady Palm


Hoops can’t be oversized if you want them to be versatile,

it doesn’t mean they need to be tiny either.

There is nothing wrong with a simple pair of hoops,

but we’re looking to take them tothe next level.

Our LADY PALM hoop earrings are in different colours.

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Earrings are made out of lightweight and durable, polymerized acrylic resin.

Stainless steel findings.

Approx. 5.8cm L x 3.2cm W


Avoid direct contact with water, perfume, cosmetics, etc.

Store your jewellery separate from each other to minimise scratching and tangling.

All of our BERF&BASH pieces come in their own eco-friendly gift box so you can keep them in

Lady Palm

Blue, Brick, Green, Red