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BERF&BASH designs are exquisitely handmade, modern and refined and a little bit unexpected, as known as everything you might look for in an independent brand. All collections are eco-friendly and conflict-free, making them a good choice for people who are concerned about sustainability.

Our love of patterns, colours and shapes make our jewellery easy to recognise. With a focus on elegance and complexity, our pieces are designed to be worn years to come, rather than being a one-season trend. Our designs take inspiration from the great harmony and balance of the nature’s textural and structural patterns, music, fashion, literature and art to produce contemporary, bold and glamorous pieces.

All pieces are handcrafted by us in a small London studio.

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Art Print


As well as our jewellery, our limited and open edition print collections are also full of personality with their bold colours and fearless portraits add an expressive statement to minimalist spaces.

Our wall art collection features a diverse range of designs to choose from. Whether your style is vintage, modern, chic, or bright and colorful, a well placed wall art can work miracles for a room.

It will help express your creativity and personality on your wall space with minimal effort.

From the traditional to the modern, our wall art suits a variety of styles and tastes, all beautifully printed with expertise and unrivalled quality.

ALONE” Limited Edition Art Print is available in different sizes as well as our entire selection. Why not combine two or more prints for a custom feel by creating your very own style and combination.



One of the most simplistic and versatile jewellery pieces amongst our designs and can be used for both casual or evening outfits.

Perfect way to add fashionable edge to your sleek look.

Our DAHLIA mini dangle earrings are showcasing a simple,

yet stunning design.

On hurried days when you don’t have the luxury of time to consider a few options of your outfit, DAHLIA mini dangles will help you to create a finished look.

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Geometric and plain shapes of naturally sandy, granite like pieces from Earth’s surface.

Our GRANITE collection will evoke fond memories of the good old days when things were simpler.

Simple but never dull.



Our designs are offered in different colours, shapes and patterns – including futuristic CRETA stud earrings and necklaces to suit a variety of styles . From triangles to oval in many colours, you’ll be completely spoiled by choice!

We believe that life is too short to wear boring jewellery.

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